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QAS Inspection Program

The QAS Inspection Program encompasses federal and state requirements spanning business activities including the sourcing, sales and storage of pharmaceuticals. All entities that successfully complete the QAS Inspection Program verified to have proper licensing, handle and secure prescription products to protect product quality and integrity, and comply to state and federal regulations.


Submit your application now or continue an existing application.

Inspection Process Overview
  1. Facility submits Pre-Inspection Application.

  2. NCDQS QAS team will perform an inspection and provide results to facility and state agencies that request the results. 

Inspection Process Instructions
  1. Inspections are typically unannounced (not specifically scheduled). We will typically perform an inspection between 4 and 8 weeks from accepting the application.

  2. Inspections are performed during normal hours of operation.

  3. Complete the application and attach the requested information and documentation. 

Inspection Fee Schedule
  1. Pre-Inspection Application submission: $4,000* **

*Additional fees may be incurred for deviations in Inspection process including, but not limited to, additional site visits.

**Inspection Fee is non-refundable unless site visit is not performed. If site-visit is not performed, Applicant will be refunded $2,000 site visit fees.