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Accreditation for Virtual Manufacturers Selling into WY

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

After extensive review by the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy, the Quality and Security (QAS - pronounced "case") Accreditation program of the National Coalition for Drug Quality & Security (NCDQS) was accepted as an approved third-party accreditation for Wholesalers. The approval process included Board staff evaluating the inspection process and scope of the program. The board "reviewed the QAS report as well as a number of NABP wholesale distributor inspections and has not been able to find substantial differences between the two accreditation programs." (From Wyoming board meeting minutes June 16th, 2021) Denise M. Frank, RPh the Executive Director for NCDQS, attended the Board meeting and was available to answer questions.

Note: The Wyoming Board of Pharmacy licenses Virtual Manufacturers as wholesalers.

Accreditation by an approved agency is a requirement for licensure as a wholesaler in Wyoming, and for wholesalers outside of Wyoming that will sell and ship medications into the state. Many virtual manufacturers are not able to get inspected by the state agency responsible for regulating their business in their state. As of the aforementioned Board Meeting, QAS accreditation by NCDQS is accepted for inspection and accreditation of Virtual Manufacturers for licensure in Wyoming.

NCDQS is honored to be able to help safeguard the public and to work with Virtual Manufacturers and Wholesalers to document that they meet or exceed industry best practices and applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Please visit our website at or email for more information and a complete list of other states that accept QAS inspections and accreditation.

Please visit our website at or email for more information.

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