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Cannabis distributors can start a new application or continue an existing application.


Cannabis Quality and Security (C-QAS) Distributor Accreditation

The Cannabis Quality and Security (C-QAS*) Accreditation Program encompasses regulatory and best-practice quality requirements spanning key business activities including the sourcing, storage, handling, and sales of cannabis and hemp products. Companies that are accredited by NCDQS are verified to have proper licensing, appropriately source, handle and secure cannabis products to protect product quality and integrity, verify vendors and customers, and comply to state regulations including reporting requirements.

*pronounced "see-case"

Accreditation Process Information

Standard accreditation is 3 years.


We are able to grant Accreditation in 90-days due to our innovative approach. Facilities that have not achieved accreditation will be given detailed information regarding the areas of non-compliance so that they may remediate any issues identified within their operation..

Accreditation Process Instructions
  1. Review the standards and compare to your SOPs and business activities. Ensure SOPs are complete and that both SOPs and business activities meet all NCDQS C-QAS requirements and standards.

  2. Complete the application and attach the requested information and documentation. 

Special Circumstances
  1. Facilities must have at least 90 days of distribution operation before applying.

  2. Facilities with less than 180 days of distribution operations at the time of application will be accredited for one year at which time additional documentation will be requested and reviewed. Upon successful review and approval, the accreditation will be extended two additional years (for the full three-year cycle).

Supplemental Documents Required
  1. Organizational chart

  2. Description of positions on the organizational chart

  3. Vendor List for all Cannabis & Hemp products

  4. License List

  5. Table of Contents of the Policy and Procedures

  6. Table of Contents of the Employee Handbook

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Required
  1. Document Control

  2. Vendor Authentication

  3. Customer Authentication

  4. Product Receiving & Authentication

  5. Sub-Quality or Diverted Product Detection, Handling, Investigation and Reporting

Accreditation Fee Schedule
  1. Accreditation Application submission: $5,000*

  2. Annual Review, Year 2: $2,500

  3. Annual Review, Year 3: $2,500

Total for a 3-year Accreditation is $10,000.

*Additional fees may be incurred for deviations in Accreditation process including, but not limited to, additional site visits.

Download Standards Here:

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